“A tasteful beauty… What more can you ask for? I can’t stop listening to it!”
— Steven Gustafson, 10.000 Maniacs (2018 EP "ALIVE")

The Perfect Wave is a fusion of
slack-key, electric guitar, and Lucie LYNCH's powerful vocals to create an original sound that transports audiences to
cosmic dimensions. 


Local music legend John Cruz saw Michael Tanenbaum and Nick Gertsson performing at a Kailua coffee shop and described their sound as ‘the perfect wave’. The name stuck and when the duo invited Lucie Lynch onstage to improvise some lyrical flow to their textured guitar soundscapes, a new sound was born.

Featuring slack-key guitarist Michael Tanenbaum and eclectic electric guitar player Nick Gertsson, the Honolulu-based band combines the talents of these unique musicians to create a truly original sound.

With the recent addition of Blake McMillen (Jai the Band, Roots Odyssey) on fretless bass, Lucie & The Perfect Wave fuses delicious slack-key soundscapes,searing electric guitar riffs and intricate fretless basslines with Lucie’s powerful vocals to transport audiences to cosmic dimensions.

Lucie has opened for international cult band 'Marillion' and is a regular at many of Oahu's favorite venues.  Nick has played with some of the world's greatest metal guitarists, and Michael's slack-key compositions have been featured in several documentary films.


“Sounds absolutely killer!”
— J. Hayes, Alvarez Guitars (2018 EP "ALIVE")
It is rare to encounter an ensemble who can deliver an album live with stunning vocals, gorgeous acoustic riffs and powerful lyrics throughout, the way Lucie & The Perfect Wave have with this beautiful timepiece.
— 'LIVE AT MEDICI'S', winner of "BEST ACOUSTIC ROCK ALBUM", March 2015 - The Akademia.com
Lucie’s enchanting vocals, which remind me of both Neko Case’s melodic reach combined with the narrative prowess of Kate Bush. These are very favorable comparisons, for sure, that help immediately draw me into this freak-folk/alt-country/whatever-goodness-it-is hybrid Lucie & the Perfect Wave produce so nicely.
— Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound